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RTCF brings awareness to testicular cancer by placing it more firmly in the public eye, igniting a conversation about the disease. Early detection is crucial in catching testicular cancer. With a 99% cure rate when caught early, testicular cancer is extremely beatable, especially when men perform self-checks.

There is a stigma around men’s health that RTCF aims to break. By educating men and boys, we can provide them with the tools needed to take care of themselves and catch cancer early, along with creating a safe space for men to openly discuss their health. RTCF recognizes that the level of education and awareness of testicular cancer is not as prominent as other cancers and aims to change this moving forward.


The Raleigh Testicular Cancer Foundation is available to schedule and deliver education and awareness presentations to local fraternities, sports teams, and business groups. These presentations cover the RTCF story, testicular cancer statistics and symptoms, the importance of regular self-checks, and men”s mental health support. These awareness presentations aim to break stigmas associated with men’s mental and physical health while inspiring and motivating men in our community.

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