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RTCF will bring awareness to testicular cancer by placing it more firmly in the public eye, igniting a conversation about the disease.

Early detection is crucial in catching testicular cancer and beginning treatment. With a 99% cure rate when caught early, testicular cancer is extremely beatable, especially when men perform self-checks. RCTF will conduct self-check campaigns to increase the likelihood of early detection.

There is a stigma around men’s health that RTCF aims to break. By educating men and boys, we can provide them with the tools needed to take care of themselves and catch cancer early, along with creating a safe space for men to openly discuss their health.

RTCF recognizes that the level of education and awareness of testicular cancer is not as prominent as other cancers and aims to change this moving forward.


Patients, caregivers, and survivors alike need tremendous support. RTCF aims to create a community where testicular cancer patients, caregivers, survivors along with family and friends can receive the required support while they navigate through diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and survivorship.

The RTCF community will provide a place of belonging. We recognize that during adversity, social bonds can be strengthened, and people can work together for the greater good of the group. The RTCF community will provide the necessary support during diagnosis, throughout treatment and recovery, and most importantly beyond survivorship.


Beating cancer is a remarkable accomplishment and we believe there is significant value in the opportunity to share your journey with others. By building a community of survivors, RTCF aims to create a space where individuals can share their stories and connect with others with similar experiences.

Being part of a cancer survivor community can be very empowering, helping identify and give valuable purpose and meaning to the survivor’s experience, and gives them an opportunity to impact and serve others.

Transitioning to life beyond your diagnosis and treatment can be as difficult as surviving cancer itself. RTCF aims to create a strong survivorship program that supports testicular cancer survivors well beyond the point of being cancer free.

Other Specific Rtcf Programs, Campaigns & Events

  • Mens self-check campaigns
  • Social media advocacy and educational campaigns
  • Testicular cancer info rack card distribution
  • RTFC fundraisers
  • Patient-survivor mentorship program
  • Survivorship story video series
  • Patient care and support packages
  • Local student and athlete educational program
  • Public speaking engagements
  • RTCF merchandise
  • RTCF advertisements (local hockey rink board placements)
  • Partnerships with other local non-profit foundations to support local missions
  • Survivorship social gatherings and events
  • Cancer patient grants

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